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Covering all aspects of automotive Ethernet testing

28th August 2019
Alex Lynn

Cover all aspects of physical layer Automotive Ethernet testing with compliance testing for 100Base-T1 and 1000Base-T1, a dedicated Automotive Ethernet Debug Toolkit, and an Automotive Ethernet Breakout Test Fixture to easily separate bidirectional link traffic.

Automated compliance testing 

QualiPHY performs electrical compliance testing of the Physical Media Attachment (PMA) according to the 1000Base-T1, 100Base-T1, and BroadR-Reach specifications. Detailed connection diagrams ensure the proper setup and provide information about the required test pattern for each test. 

Upon completion of the test session, results are automatically compiled into a comprehensive report including screenshots. 

Simplified distortion test

To properly perform the Distortion test, the DUT (Device Under Test), disturbing sine wave, and oscilloscope all need to be synchronised. In practice, this is a difficult task since the DUT’s TX_TCLK and the test equipment’s reference clock are at different frequencies. 

QualiPHY uses a unique software clock recovery algorithm which enables the test to be completed without requiring a hardware frequency converter board. 

Beyond compliance testing

The Automotive Ethernet Debug Toolkit provides a dedicated debug environment specifically designed to detect and debug signal quality link communication issues between a Master and Slave that would not be identified during compliance testing.

Fully characterise and quantify system performance with a suite of 12 parameters and enable equalisation to visualise how the signal appears at the receiver.

Calibrated signal separation 

The bidirectional nature of an Automotive Ethernet link provides a challenge for analysing signals with an oscilloscope. The TF-AUTO-ENET separates bidirectional link traffic to independently view signals from the Master and Slave. 

A built-in calibration routine provides superior signal fidelity compared to alternative approaches.

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