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AC power source copes with adverse conditions

15th May 2019
Mick Elliott

The test and measurement portfolio at Farnell has been extended with the addition of instruments from the GW Instek range. The products which include programmable power supplies, electrical safety testers, signal sources and power analysers offer customers excellent quality at affordable cost.

Key GW Instek products to be stocked by Farnell include the APS-7050 programmable linear AC power source. It offers output ratings of 500VA, 310V RMS, 2.1A and a frequency range from 45 to 500Hz with LAN and USB interfaces. It is suited to producing complex waveform and transient waveform to verify electronic product operation under adverse conditions.

Typical applications include production testing in the LED industry and in standby mode power consumption.

The GPT 9603 electrical safety tester is used for testing AC/DC withstand voltage and insulation resistance; the GPT-9600 series AC 100VA AC/DC withstand voltage/insulation resistance tester offers an affordable solution for supporting routine tests of major items to safety standards such as IEC, EN, UL, CSA, GB, JIS and other safety regulations.

It is equipped with a PWM amplifier to impede influence from input AC voltage fluctuation and ensure a stable voltage output, providing users with an intuitive operation environment by a simple and clear panel layout, large LCD display and colour LED indicators.

The MFG-2110 10MHz function generator is part of the MFG2000 series, which includes the MFG-21XX entry-level models and MFG-22XX advanced models.

The output channels of MFG-21XX models include one single-channel 10MHz arbitrary generator and one 25MHz pulse generator.

All instruments feature a 4.3-in TFT colour display.

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