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14th May 2020
Design challenge launched to help fight COVID-19

element14 has launched the 'Fighting Germs' Project14 design challenge. The challenge is engaging element14’s problem-solving designers and engineers to find innovative solutions to fighting germs, one of the most efficient ways to slow the spread of COVID-19.

20th November 2019
A helping hand for power combinations

  Designing modern devices requires the most efficient and cost-effective power sources available, but which combination works best, asks Lee Turner, Farnell

23rd July 2019
Capacitors combat vibration up to 30G

A range of anti-vibration aluminium electrolytic capacitors from Panasonic are now being shipped by Farnell. The components are suitable for use in DC/DC Converters and AC/DC converters in a wide variety of transportation and harsh-environment applications such as industrial, power supply and robotics, due to their small size, reliability and strong, dependable soldering connectability.

16th July 2019
Time-of-Flight sensors meet low power demands

A range of Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors designed to meet the changing needs of design engineers and address demand for 3D information and extended range created by new use cases are being shipped by Farnell.

1st July 2019
Farnell competition allows a summer divertissement

A range of prizes including vouchers, an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 4 32GB IPX20 and a Xiaomi electric scooter are up for grabs in Farnell’s summer competition. The competition runs until 28 July and is available in 16 countries in Europe.

24th June 2019
Raspberry Pi 4 turns up the compute power

Raspberry Pi 4 has arrived and it is three times faster and boasts more memory capacity than its predecessors taking into compute-intensive embedded applications such as computer vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It will also appeal to traditional Raspberry Pi fans including general desktop computer users, hobbyist and makers.

13th June 2019
The face is the focus for Image-sensing unit

An easy to mount and compact Human Vision Component (HVC) from Omron Electronic Components is available at Premier Farnell. The HVC incorporates ten different image sensing functions and a choice of wide angle and long-distance options to match users range needs for applications from digital signage and vending machines to home appliances and security doors.

Test & Measurement
5th June 2019
Display, user interface upgrade oscilloscopes

Two oscilloscopes launched by Tektronix on June 4 are now in stock at Farnell. After intensive research amongst users Tektronix developed the new 3 Series MDO and 4 Series MSO. The oscilloscopes are built upon the user experience introduced in the 5 and 6 series MSOs.

30th May 2019
Arduino quartet hits right note with makers

Four powerful and compact Arduino MKR Shields, designed to extend the capability and application of Arduino boards, are in stock at Farnell. This extended Arduino product line provides maker engineers and prototype developers with a new suite of accessories that can be integrated into an array of IoT applications.

29th May 2019
Start the journey to a dream sensor board

Design the sensor board of your dreams is the opportunity being offered to the community of makers, designers and engineers at The Dream Sensor Board campaign proposes the community crowd-source the best combination of sensor modules. Molex, a supplier of connectors and interconnect components, will review the feedback to create a truly crowdsourced sensor board with the features that are the most important to the element14 Communi...

28th May 2019
eBook maps path to a career in IoT

An eBook for engineers, graduates and tech professionals looking to pursue a career in the fast-growing world of IoT has been published by The free, downloadable publication collects advice and key insights from industry experts and business leaders representing companies such as Amazon, Eaton, Microsoft, Molex and more.

21st May 2019
Diode's technology leads to lower static losses

Now being shipped by Farnell is the 1200V TRENCHSTOP IGBT7 and emitter-controlled EC7 diode from Infineon. Packaged in the Easy housing, this EasyPIM IGBT7 provides higher power density, lower system cost, and reduced system size. The diode’s technology is based on latest micro-pattern trenches technology and optimised for industrial drive applications which means much lower static losses to meet energy efficiency requirements, softer switc...

Test & Measurement
15th May 2019
AC power source copes with adverse conditions

The test and measurement portfolio at Farnell has been extended with the addition of instruments from the GW Instek range. The products which include programmable power supplies, electrical safety testers, signal sources and power analysers offer customers excellent quality at affordable cost.

9th May 2019
IoT platforms enable faster connections

Particle is a range of cloud-connected development kits from Farnell with mesh-enabled networking, making it possible to extend sensor mesh networks and get devices connected to the cloud, over Wi-Fi or Cellular networks, in minutes. The Particle IoT platforms offer everything needed to create a robust and securely connected IoT product, from device to cloud, with seamless transition from prototype to global deployment with Device Cloud hosted in...

11th April 2019
Connector e-Guide showcases 30 brands

A Connector e-Guide has been launched by Farnell. It is a comprehensive online reference tool showcasing connectors from more than 30 brands. The e-Guide allows engineers to easily review and select relevant interconnect products from Farnell’s extensive connector catalogue by sight or by part number.

31st March 2019
Only a fool wouldn't want this 3D printer

The POTTA artisanal 3D printer, incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to provide users with enhanced functionality, better results and increased flexibility is being launched this very morning by Farnell. Ease of use and onboard AI-driven support make this product suitable for new and experienced users at home or in professional applications.

21st March 2019
FPGA/SoC program produces first graduates

Graduation of the charter class of engineers in its Path to Programmable training program has been announced by The program, sponsored by Avnet and Xilinx was designed to accelerate the adoption of programmable logic devices in electronic hardware design.

13th March 2019
Survey confirms Raspberry Pi's versatility

New insights from Farnell’s global user survey into the market for the Raspberry Pi single-board computer, reveal why and how both professionals and makers use the Raspberry Pi. The research highlights the widespread use of the Raspberry Pi by professional engineers in prototyping and proof-of-concept applications, particularly for IoT, industrial automation and control applications as well as its popularity with makers.

Artificial Intelligence
12th March 2019
Online resource covers AI technology and applications

A dedicated Artificial Intelligence (AI) online resource has been introduced on the Farnell website. The new pages cover a variety of topics ranging from basic explanations of AI, and different types of AI applications, to descriptions of specific AI products including several ranges that are exclusive to Farnell.

27th February 2019
Arduino kit opens door to LoRa long-range connectivity

Availability of the new Arduino Pro Gateway kit has been announced by Farnell element14. It provides a path into the world of LoRa connectivity using ultra-long range and high interference immunity wireless technology. The kit connects seamlessly with Arduino’s MKR WAN 1300 development board, allowing existing Arduino users to design and prototype long-range, low-power IoT devices in a familiar Arduino environment without changing platforms...

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