High speed illuminated image sensor for surveillance

16th October 2017
Anna Flockett

ON Semiconductor has released a new sensor, the AR0521, a 1-2.5” image sensor with a 5MP resolution, offering 60fps to incrrase video performance. The 2.2µm Back Side Illuminated pixel technology enables clear, sharp digital pictures while the sensor’s ability to capture both continuous video and single frames makes it well suited for security applications.

The AR0521 captures images in either linear or high dynamic range modes with rolling shutter readouts and includes additional functions such as binning and subwindowing in both video and single frame modes. It is designed for both low light and high dynamic range performance, with line interleaved T1/T2 readout that support off chip HDR algorithms in an ISP chip.

Sibel Yorulmaz-Cokugur, sensor expert at FRAMOS, explained the advantages of ON Semiconductors AR0521: “The new AR0521 is a fast surveillance sensor with high sensitivity and an excellent image quality for precise recognition and analysis. In comparison to its predecessor, the MT9P006 sensor, it provides an 18% increase in Quantum Efficiency (QE) at 550nm along with 33% in the NIR region, which is important for most of our surveillance customers. The AR0521 makes surveillance more secure by providing better images under challenging conditions while its small form factor eases the integration in OEM and embedded vision projects.”

In addition, the image quality is supplemented by several digital processing functions, including digital gain, dynamic defect correction and a digital shading correction block that compensates for colour/brightness shading that is introduced by the lens and the sensor’s chief ray angle (CRA) curve mismatch. 

The full resolution image can be outputted at 60fps (frames per second) in linear mode and 30fps in line interleaved high dynamic range (HDR) mode output through either the MIPI or HiSPi ports. The maximum data rate for MIPI is 1.2Gb/sec and 1.0Gb/sec for HiSPi. 

The AR0521 is designed to operate over a wide ambient temperature range of -30 to 85°C which aligns with a wide range of applications in rough environments. It also supports advanced line synchronisation controls for multi-camera (stereo) support. Evaluation samples of colour sensors are now available.

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