High-precision vehicle steering effort sensor from imc

22nd September 2022
Sheryl Miles

The smallest and lightest steering effort sensor from imc CLSx is available through 15 November 2022 with a 10% discount.

This leading edge sensor transforms a vehicle's original steering wheel into a high-precision measuring steering wheel in a few steps, in a matter of minutes.

The innovative CLSx steering effort sensor provides precise data on steering torque, angle and speed as well as vibrations in the x, y and z directions in various applications, such as: development and testing, tuning of the steering system in passenger cars, verification measurements on construction machinery and evaluation of autonomous vehicles and driver assistance systems (ADAS).

The CLSx sensor can be used in almost any type of vehicle with the addition of vehicle-specific adapters provided by imc.

Due to the slim installation profile and the low weight of the sensor, steering behaviour and functionality of the original steering wheel, including airbag, are completely preserved.

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