High-performance encoders for wind turbines at SPS

2nd December 2019
Alex Lynn

Nidec Industrial Solutions presented its new Avtron Encoder designed specifically for tomorrow’s wind farms at the SPS trade fair in Nuremberg, an event for the automation and digital industry and which is taking place this 26th to 28th November. With the launch of this innovative solution, Nidec Industrial Solutions confirms its global leadership in the growth of the renewable energy sector. 

The HS44 Avtron Encoder being presented at SPS has been developed based on three key elements which immediately defined its objectives and functions: compatibility with different wind farm systems, durability and great value. Thanks to these characteristics it was possible to create a hollow shaft incremental encoder specifically designed to be long-lasting, reduce costs and offer exceptional performance and excellent signal quality for all types of wind turbines.

The HS44 hopes to represent a completely new solution in this class of encoders in that it uses Magnetic Sensing Technology and Fully Encapsulated Electronics which make it impervious to vibration, dust and humidity found in the encoder installation site. This differs markedly from the optical technology used by other products available on today’s market. 

What makes the HS44, in addition to the Magnetic Sensing Technology, is the Fully Encapsulated Electronics, the LED diagnostics for quick and easy system monitoring and maintenance, and its ability to operate problem-free in the most demanding conditions and in the presence of the most hostile temperatures, thus optimising system reliability. 

Thanks to these special features, Nidec Industrial Solutions has managed to extend the life-expectancy of the solution, improving the performance recorded for models already on the market, and consequently increasing the benefits for the whole system.

Dominique Llonch, CEO of Nidec ASI and Chairman of Nidec Industrial Solutions, said: “Trade fairs like SPS are a really important opportunity for us to introduce the public to the latest cutting-edge solutions devised by our Research and Development departments. Every day we focus on how we can improve the different sectors in which we operate, with particular reference in this case to the rapidly growing renewable energy sector, making the technologies available on the market more advanced and efficient, always pursuing the end goal of reducing environmental impact and offering solutions that can significantly simplify the work of all the technicians involved. 

“This is why I am so proud to be able to present the HS44 encoder at SPS; I am sure it will represent an important step forward towards a future of sustainability and innovation, revolutionising the wind energy market in particular.” 

The HS44 Avtron Encoder was initially conceived for applications on wind powered generators (WPG) but, thanks to the integration of customised components, it will be possible to adapt it to the needs of different industries, making it a flexible and global product.

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