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8th April 2022
Nidec's commander S and marshal

Control Techniques, part of the Nidec group of companies, is launching a member to the commander family of drives and an app named Marshal.

11th March 2022
Linear vibration motors with smallest-class diameters

Nidec Corporation announced that it has developed a series of linear vibration motors with smallest-class diameters in the world (the “CA series”).

5th August 2021
Ultra-fast charger for rapid electric transport vehicle charging in Romania

Nidec ASI, part of the Energy & Infrastructure Division of the Nidec Group, is taking part in a test linked to the adoption of electric buses for public transport promoted by the city of Oradea, Romania. For one and a half months, Nidec is making an Ultra Fast Charger (UFC) station available at the bus terminal in front of its plant in Oradea.

10th June 2021
Nidec ASI to install ultra-fast charger for EVs

Nidec ASI has announced that it will install an ultra-fast charger (UFC) station in the ROA Group service area on Telesina state highway 372 (Benevento). The installation of this charging system represents an important step forward towards progressively widespread electric mobility in Italy, an aspect which is pivotal in promoting an increasingly sustainable model of development and tourism.

Alternative Energy
16th July 2020
Three new projects for storing clean energy in Europe

Nidec ASI has announced that it is growing in Northern Europe and is supplying battery energy storage solutions (BESS) for three major projects in Finland and Sweden for storing clean energy..

Alternative Energy
19th March 2020
Battery energy storage solutions for next-gen electric ferries

Nidec ASI, the Nidec Industrial Solutions platform belonging to the Nidec Group, has supplied battery energy storage systems (BESS) for the latest vessel developed by Brødrene Aa, a Norwegian company that builds electric ferries and ships.

2nd December 2019
High-performance encoders for wind turbines at SPS

Nidec Industrial Solutions presented its new Avtron Encoder designed specifically for tomorrow’s wind farms at the SPS trade fair in Nuremberg, an event for the automation and digital industry and which is taking place this 26th to 28th November. With the launch of this innovative solution, Nidec Industrial Solutions confirms its global leadership in the growth of the renewable energy sector. 

18th June 2018
Electronic power enables indoor surfing experiences

  Nidec is collaborating with American Wave Machines, as the sole supplier, in the creation of PerfectSwell systems, that generate artificial waves in pools, fulfilling the dreams of professional and amateur surfers to be able to practice this adventurous sport even when it isn’t possible to do so in the sea.

8th May 2018
Ultra-fast charger introduced for quick recharging of EVs

Nidec is presenting the Ultra Fast Charger (UFC), an advanced system that hooks up to the national grid through charging towers, simplifying and accelerating the electrification process of infrastructures for supplying electric cars, and reducing operating costs at the same time. This solution will help pave the way for the spread of electric vehicles, a market which in many countries is still struggling to get off the ground, but which has huge ...

24th November 2014
Detect switch features a 7.5mm long stroke

A small detect switch, which features a 7.5mm long stroke and silver contacts with a self-clean sliding mechanism, has been released by NIDEC COPAL ELECTRONICS. The CF-DA switch, part of the company’s FUJISOKU brand, is offered with a snap-in type mounting bracket and connector terminals to ease installation and wiring.

19th November 2014
Tactile switch features right angle design, gold contact

NIDEC COPAL ELECTRONICS has released the new “FUJISOKU brand” 6.7 x 7.0 mm, SMD, Right angle tactile switch in the CF-CA Series. The switch features right angle design and gold contact, three different resin buttons and 1,1, 2,4 or 4,0mm. Users can choose a device with or without a support terminal. 

13th November 2012
Miniature Slide Switches for Professional Industrial Applications

Copal Electronics is expanding its portfolio of miniature slide switches for professional industrial applications with the addition of two new CL-SA series. The 1-pole switches in a grid dimension of 2.54 mm, with two switching positions and connection pins at straight or right angles, are ideal for substituting jumper pins. The contact ratings are DC 50 V 500 mA for non-switching and DC 12 V 500 mA for switching.

24th September 2010
Low-profile switches for industrial applications

Copal Electronics has added the CL-DA series (detect switches) to its portfolio. The side-activated switches have a very low profile (only 2 mm high) and are fully RoHS/WEEE compliant (lead-free soldering). The gold contacts guarantee maximum reliability at a maximum contact resistance of 100 mOhm and a minimum damping/insulation resistance of 100 mOhm at 100 VDC. The switches are rated at 12 VDC (100 mA) max. and 20 mVDC (1 µA) min. Switch trav...

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