Delta displays EV charging solutions at eCarTec 2016

20th October 2016
Enaie Azambuja

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, announced it will present its smart EV Charging Solutions, featuring world-class charging speed, convenience, connectivity and reliability, at eCarTec 2016. Among these, Delta’s Stromtankstelle 4.0, a 150kW DC ultra-fast EV charger, offers simultaneous charging for up to 4 EVs, and is capable of charging an EV battery with approximately 100km range within 13 minutes.

The 25kW DC Wallbox Quick EV Charger, suitable for shopping malls, workplaces and similar sites, optimises installation time and costs through its modular design and lightweight casing. Their connectivity capabilities and the use of Delta’s site management systems enable smart remote control and monitoring.

Mr. Jackie Chang, President & General Manager of Delta in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, highlighted, “Delta’s core competence in leveraging significant R&D resources for the development of innovative energy-saving solutions is palpably reflected in our growing portfolio of smart EV Charging Solutions which continue their successful deployment across major European markets such as Germany, United Kingdom, France and Nordic countries.

We facilitate superior productivity and efficiency to system integrators and charging site operators by combining industry-leading charging speed, compatibility with all major connector standards, lightweight yet durable design, and intelligent site management platforms. By integrating all these qualities to the user-friendly features of our chargers, we aim to provide a top-notch charging experience to EV drivers”.

Delta’s EV Charging Solutions unveiled at eCarTec 2016 include:

l Stromtankstelle 4.0:

The state-of-the-art 150kW DC ultra-fast EV charger is an ideal option for charging site operators seeking to optimise the investments necessary to fulfil requirements from the foreseeable battery capacity upgrades of longer-range EVs. Its ability to charge up to 4 EVs simultaneously through CCS (up to 100kW DC), CHAdeMO (up to 63kW DC) and Type 2 (43kW AC and 22kW AC) connectors deliver not only exceptional charging speed (an EV battery with approximately 100km range within 13 minutes) but also the highest level of convenience to EV drivers in applications such as long-distance service stations.

Enhanced efficiency in monitoring, control and back-office processes is achieved by the Stromtankstelle’s connectivity to wireless and wireline platforms (via Ethernet, 3G and GPRS), RFID card reader and also its OCPP-based Charge Point Operator (CPO) back office system which enables integration with Electro Mobility Service Providers (EMSP), roaming platforms, smart grid management systems and smartphone apps. Excellent reliability is supported by its grid overload protection and modular power system design features. Supported by the design, remote access and the service organisation a special attention in the overall product concept has been paid for the quality and maximum uptime of the charging service.

l 25kW DC Wallbox Quick EV Charger:

This wallbox-type DC EV charger is specifically designed to enhance installation and maintenance productivity through its modular power system design, meaning that power modules can be easily integrated on site following easy installation steps of the lightweight casing. This provides a significant advantage in cost savings and improved flexibility. It offers dual charging ports supporting CCS and CHAdeMO standards with 25kW power output and wide voltage range (200~500Vdc for CCS and 50~500Vdc for CHAdeMO) to maximise the convenience for both installers and EV drivers.

Its network connectivity through OCPP, energy conversion efficiency of up to 94%, RFID authentication functions, IP55 / IK08 (vandal-proof) protection casing, and the integration with Delta’s web-based SMS platform are also value-added features that can deliver an easy and cost-effective DC charging solution to charging service providers, especially for an ample range of commercial applications (hotels, workplaces, shopping malls, fleets, etc.).

l AC Mini Plus EV Charger:

Delta’s newly-launched AC Mini Plus evolves with a more stylish and modern design than its predecessors while also offers a highly user-friendly interface with embedded RFID card reader and LED indications. With a maximum power output of 7.36kW, compatibility to both IEC 62196-2 Type-1 and Type-2 (tethered plug or socket) charging standards as well as IP55 / IK08 (vandal-proof) protection casing, this innovative EV charger is suitable for residential and commercial applications such as home charging, community parking sites, private fleets, service stations and more.

l AC Slim II (Cordset):

The AC Slim II (cordset) is another new product designed to improve the convenience in e-mobility with its 2.3kW power output (10A, 230V) and compact design. EV drivers can enjoy peace of mind with this innovative device which allows emergency charging when running low on power in their EVs. With its IP67 protection rating, OTP (over-temperature protection) sensor in the changeable power plug and all other ease-of-use features, the AC Slim II is highly valuable for residential, fleet and parking applications.

The 2016 edition of eCarTec, to be held at Messe Muenchen, Munich, Germany from October 18-20 is one of the most influential trade fairs in the e-mobility industry worldwide. Welcome to Delta’s exhibition at Hall A5, Stand 403 from 18~20 October.

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