DC/AC inverter incorporates MPPT solar charger

24th January 2014
Staff Reporter

With the option of being constructed as an energy-saving power station, the 500W DC/AC true sine wave inverter from MEAN WELL incorporates a MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar charger. Designated the ISI-501 series, the invertervan become an energy-saving power station by only adding external lead-acid batteries and solar panels.

The MPPT solar charger enables “free energy” from the sun to be stored into the battery bank by solar panels and then transformed to AC output via its inverter stage. This conserves energy consumption. Providing 500W rated power continuously (450W for 12VDC), the series features a peak load capability including 110% rated power for 1 minute and a high surge power up to 200% rated value for 30 utility cycles. Possessing up to 88% of high efficiency, the series is digitally controlled by a microprocessor and designed by high frequency topology

According to demands, the he output voltage and frequency can be flexibly adjusted through the front panel. The inverters are available with complete protections, including input reverse polarity, BAT low alarm, BAT low shutdown, BAT over voltage for the input side and protections of short circuit, inverter overload, over temperature for the output side. The design of ISI-501 series comply with global certificates per CE and FCC, which are suitable for powering all kinds of lighting fixtures, household appliances, and portable equipments in the remote mountains, islands, desert areas, or caravans that the utility supply can’t be reached but the solar panels can be constructed.


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