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22nd February 2017
480W power supply designed for harsh environments

Especially designed for 'low noise and to operate under highly humid, highly dusty, highly oily, highly salty, ultra low or high temperature, heavily vibrating, high altitude and poor ventilation environment' application requirements, MEAN WELL has introduced the HEP family of high-class AC/DC power supplies. 

10th October 2016
LED drivers are designed for flicker-free indoor lighting

Adding to the portfolio of flicker-free products from Mean Well, the company has announced the ODLC family (cable type), available as ODLC-45 (45W) and ODLC-65 (65W). Like the earlier IDLC family (plastic housing type) and the IDPC family (PCB board type), they use constant current output mode, and are equipped with built-in active PFC function. They offer the same electrical specifications for models with identical output wattage, and operate wi...

4th January 2016
Power supplies operate at 230VAC with enhanced power factor

APV-8/12/16 series and APC-8/12/16 series are economical low wattage LED power supplies (or, drivers) with a high cost-performance ratio. MEAN WELL is now announcing, adopting identical enclosure, APV-8E/12E/16E series and APC-8E/12E/16E series that operate at the 230VAC range with the enhanced power factor, the less no load power consumption (<0.5W) and the shorter setup time (<500ms).

23rd December 2015
Medical power supply comes with miniature green open frame

Foreseeing the vast market potential in the future for the medical field and the increasing demands for standard power supply, in order to further meet the application requirements of the built-in type medical power supplies from global medical equipments and inspection instruments, MEAN WELL is pleased to unveil the new gen miniature green open frame type medical power supply.

14th December 2015
30W plug interchangeable adapter is energy saving

After GE12/18/24 series were launched, MEAN WELL is pleased to unveil the 30W wall-mounted type green adaptor with interchangeable AC plugs~GE30 series. The main power body of this product can pair one of the four types of interchangeable AC plugs, which are European type, U.S. type, U.K. type and Australian type that are easy to change and use all over the world.

14th December 2015
Power supplies suitable for harsh environments

In order to meet the demands for high-grade AC/DC power supplies, necessitating low noise and operation under humid, dusty, oily, salty, ultra low or high temperature, high vibration, high altitude and poorly ventilated environments, MEAN WELL is pleased to unveil the 240W/320W ~HEP-240/320 series soon after launching HEP-100/150/185/600 series into the market.

14th December 2015
PCB boards come in miniature size

In order to meet the miniaturisation and energy saving demands for related end electronic products from the industrial and control market, MEAN WELL is pleased to unveil the 45W/65W ~EPS-45S/65S series with merely 3x2” PCB board size after the same 45W/65W EPS-45/65 series (4x2”) were released.

31st July 2015
Enclosed power supplies offer streamlined design & high degree of automation

MEAN WELL has announced its LRS series of next-gen 35-350W “without PFC” enclosed power supplies, with model numbers of 35/50/75/100/150/150F/200/350. The LRS family exploits a streamlined circuit design that lowers component count, and the high degree of automation raises cost competitiveness and production yield. Compared to the former generation, the RS series, the LRS series is more efficient and further miniaturised.

27th July 2015
LED power supplies offered with a seven year warranty

Mean Well is now offering its HLG and HLG-C series of LED power supplies with a seven year warranty. In addition, the company’s upcoming HLGP series will be offered with the same seven year warranty.

23rd July 2015
Green adaptors comply with up-to-date energy efficiency regulations

A series of 18 to 280W green adaptors that complies with the up-to-date energy efficiency regulations (EISA 2007/DoE Level VI) has been released by Mean Well. The GST18/25/36 series comprises two types: the desktop type (A/B type) and the wall-mounted type (E/U type).

22nd July 2015
LED power supplies balance price & performance

MEAN WELL has been involved in the LED power supply field for years. Many models, such as the company's high-reliability CLG, HLG and HLG-C series, have been utilised in various kinds of outdoor or indoor luminaire applications. In order to cope with the intense competition in the LED lighting market, MEAN WELL has introduced the ELG family, at a highly competitive price.

9th July 2015
Power supplies target harsh environments

  Designed for use in harsh environments, the HEP-100, 150 and 185 series of AC/DC power supplies has been introduced by Mean Well. Providing 100, 150 and 185W of power, the devices feature an aluminium case and are fully potted with a heat-conducted silicone.

29th May 2015
LED power supplies have a no load power consumption of <0.5W

  To meet the demand for a low wattage LED power supply, Mean Well has released the APV-8 and the APC-8. The APV-8 features a constant voltage design, while the APC-8 features a constant current design.

26th May 2015
Medical adaptors include four-way interchangeable AC plug

Mean Well has unveiled its green wall-mounted medical adaptor with interchangeable AC plug, the 18W GEM18I series. This adaptor is designed with a four-way interchangeable AC plug, fitting European, USA, U.K. and Australian sockets. The design is approved for IEC60601-1 3rd, EN60601-1-11, and ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1-11 household medical regulations.

15th May 2015
Wall-mounted adaptors offer 0.075-0.15W no-load consumption

Mean Well is pleased to unveil its SGA40 (U/E type) and SGA60 (U/E type) 40 and 60W wall-mounted green adaptors, which comply with EISA 2007/DoE Level VI international energy efficiency regulations. The adaptors feature ultra-low no-load power consumption from 0.075 to 0.15W and working efficiency up to 91%, offering energy savings and carbon footprint reduction in no-load or operating mode.

7th May 2015
Adaptors have a no load power consumption of less than 0.15W

  A series of 60W AC/DC adaptors, which are IP67 rated, has been introduced by Mean Well. The OWA-60E devices feature a low no load power consumption of less than 0.15W and an efficiency of up to 91%, meeting the latest international energy related regulations. 

6th May 2015
100W LED power supply is up to 90% efficient

  A 100W LED power supply for constant current output applications has been released by Mean Well. The LPC-100 expands the company’s existing line of LED power supplies, which includes 18, 20, 35, 60 and 150W models.

5th May 2015
240 & 480W DIN-rail supplies address space constraints

Addressing space constraints on TS-35/7.5 or TS-35/15 DIN-rails in the industrial control market, Mean Well has added 240 and 480W models to its NDR-xx series of slim, economical DIN-rail power supplies, measuring 63 and 85.5mm, respectively. The NDR-240 and NDR-480 models feature volumes reduced by 43 and 51.6%, respectively, compared to the previous generation DRP-240/480 series.

29th April 2015
120W LED power supplies feature PFC & PWM

In order to fulfill demand for higher wattage LED power supplies, Mean Well has added 120W versions to its NPF-40(D)/60(D)/90(D) and PWM-40/60/90 LED power supply ranges with PFC. The NPF-120(D) and PWM-120 can be widely applied to different types of LED lighting applications.

27th April 2015
CC supplies offer no load consumption of under 0.5W

Mean Well has unveiled a 18/25/40W Constant Current (CC) output external LED power supply with PFC function, the GSC18/25/40 series. On the input side, the IEC320-C8 inlet is adapted for the desktop type (B type), and the 2-pole European plug is exploited for the wall-mounted type (E type). On the output side the widely used 2.1x5.5x11mm DC connector is equipped.

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