Top 5 power products in June

30th June 2023
Sheryl Miles

Electronic Specifier takes a look at the top 5 power products that have been released in June 2023.

Nordic Semiconductor nPM1300 power management IC

Nordic Semiconductor has announced the launch of its multi-function nPM1300 Power Management IC (PMIC).

With its two efficient buck converters, two load switches/Low Drop Out voltage converters (LDOs) and integrated battery charging, the nPM1300 is ideal for battery-operated applications. It reduces an end-product’s Bill-of-Materials (BoM) by combining circuitry that typically requires five or more discrete components into a single chip. The launch is accompanied by the introduction of the nPM1300 Evaluation Kit (EK) and the nPM PowerUP PC app. The EK and the app make it simple for developers to evaluate, configure, and implement the nPM1300 PMIC without having to write any code. (read more.)

LEM’s kWh-based charging DC energy meter for wallboxes

LEM will use PCIM 2023 to give the global e-mobility market advance notice of its new DC energy meter for DC wallbox chargers of EVs.

Offering compliance to the latest metrology regulations, the DCBM 100 energy meter will be introduced to the EU market in Q3 this year.

With the continuous growth at a rapid rate of the e-mobility sector, the new DC energy meter is expected to be of particular interest to manufacturers of EV chargers to enable kWh-based billing when charging in public or semi-public areas. (read more.)

AMD EPYC embedded series processors power

AMD announced that its AMD EPYC Embedded Series processors are powering Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s new modular, multi-protocol storage solution, HPE Alletra Storage MP.

AMD EPYC Embedded processors provide the performance and energy efficiency required for enterprise-class storage systems with high availability, resilience, and high connectivity and longevity.

The HPE Alletra Storage MP supports a disaggregated infrastructure with multiple storage protocols on the same hardware that can scale independently for performance and capacity. (read more.)

Wise-integration Savoy Group e-bike embedded GaN charger

Wise-integration and Savoy Group have announced the new GaN charger for e-bikes embedded with the battery of the new electric bike from KILOW, Savoy Group’s e-mobility division.

Introduced at EUROBIKE 2023 at Frankfurt Messe, 21st – 25th June, the urbanised e-bike and onboard charger free riders of two common pain points they face on the streets: running out of power and packing the added weight of portable chargers. (read more.)

40V MOSFET in PDFN 56 package enters mass production

Magnachip Semiconductor has begun mass production of its new 40V MXT Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (MOSFET) for automotive energy recovery systems.

This product is used in the automobile of a global automaker.

An automotive energy recovery system stores a vehicle’s kinetic energy while braking and uses the recovered energy for functions such as air conditioning or audio systems afterwards. Therefore, this feature improves fuel economy and reduces emissions. (read more.)

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