Sunpower’s SPV Power Supply Range is programmable, versatile and highly reliable

3rd December 2009
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The Sunpower SPV Power Supply range is ideal for applications demanding highly controllable DC power. With power possibilities from 150W up to 4500W, the SPV outputs can be remotely trimmed over a very wide range – from 20% to 110% (120% for SPV-1500) of their nominal value of 12, 24 or 48VDC. The input specification is similarly flexible, with a wide range of AC and DC sources accepted.
Automation of the SPVs is further enhanced by remote sense inputs and remote on/off switching control. The SPVs each feature auxiliary 12VDC 0.1A outputs; these can power the remote control circuit if required. Alarm signal outputs are also provided. The range comprises the SPV-150, SPV-300 and SPV-1500. Two or three SPV-1500 units can be paralleled in a current sharing master/slave configuration for applications demanding up to 4500W power.

The SPV power supplies are compact, and designed for efficiency to minimise power demand and heating issues. The SPV-1500 has a power density of 8.3W/inch³, an efficiency of up to 90% and, with active PFC, a typical power factor of up to 0.98 at full load. The SPV-300 and SPV-150 likewise feature active PFC, offering a similar power factor with efficiency up to 83%. The SPV-150 needs only free air convection for cooling up to 40°C and the SPV-300 can operate with its long life built-in fan under on/off control up to 50°C ambient.

The SPV products are safe and reliable. All models feature protection against short circuit, overload, over voltage and over temperature, and all carry UL, CUL, TUV, CB and CE certification. All models comply with comprehensive EN standards for EMS immunity and EMI conductance and radiation. The SPV-150 and SPV-300 have MTBFs of at least 207K hrs, and the SPV-1500’s MTBF is 109K hrs minimum.

The SPV range is ideal for applications where the DC voltage supply must be varied over time. Examples include battery charging, LCD panel burn-in, IC testing equipment, LED lighting and many other factory automation applications within mechanical, electrical and other industries.

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