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21st September 2016
The opportunities, demands and standards of today’s medical power supply market

The medical power supplies’ global market is rapidly expanding. According to a MarketsandMarkets report ‘Medical Power Supply Market by Technology’, the sector, estimated at $642 million in 2012, is forecast to reach $866.8 million by 2017

1st July 2016
Trends in rackmounting power supplies

What can OEM designers anticipate in power supplies and related power equipment, and how can they contribute to product success in today’s conditions, asks Andy Wall, Sunpower

6th November 2015
Controllers achieve striking LED flexi strip displays

LED Flexi Strips now allow lighting designers to offer highly versatile and attractive lighting solutions for retail, commercial and domestic settings. Installers and users can be creative in generating strikingly lit spaces, whether to highlight a commercial product or create a mood for a party. These possibilities are in part due to the design of the flexi strips themselves.

13th April 2015
LED power supplies target harsh environments

250W AC/DC LED power supplies, which deliver high output currents even at high output voltages, have been released by Sunpower. The HLG-240H-C series, manufactured by Mean Well, feature universal 90-305 VAC inputs for use with 277VAC American industrial mains supplies. Operating with efficiencies of up to 93%, the power devices feature an active PFC function, which raises their power factor to 0.95. 

8th August 2014
Address LED inrush current within a lighting system design

Andy Wall, CEO of Sunpower Technology, looks at the issue of LED inrush current and how to allow for it within an overall lighting system design.

26th June 2013
GS280 Series - 280W AC-DC Single Output Desktop Power Supply

Sunpower are pleased to announce today the release of the GS280 Series, a single output desktop adapter offering 280 Watts of power, a very low no load power consumption and up to 94% of high efficiency.

20th February 2013
HVGC-150 Series - 150W IP65/67 Single Output LED Lighting Power Supply

Sunpower are pleased to announce the release of the HVGC-150 series, a range developed to fulfill the requirements of higher wattage LED lighting applications. Offering 150W of power, built-in two stage PFC function and possessing 4KV surge immunity therefore complying to the requirements of street lighting (EN61000-4-5).

13th October 2010
Compact LED driver range features TRIAC dimming option and easy installation

Sunpower (UK)’s new indoor range of LED drivers makes LED lighting more than ever the natural choice for domestic, commercial and industrial installations. Key to this new range is the AC Dimming (or phase cut) LED Driver product, which features compatibility with ordinary TRIAC dimmers. This makes 1 – 100% dimmable LED lighting as easy to install as traditional conventional dimming lights. Unlike earlier designs, these drivers require just a...

2nd August 2010
Rugged high-voltage LED driver family wins UL safety approval

Sunpower’s Power LED PLEC-120SxxxDT driver family has been approved to the UL 8750 safety standard. This international standard underwrites the family’s LED lighting role, as it is specifically written for solid state lighting in a wide range of applications, many in demanding environments. The units have a -35˚C to +65˚C operating temperature range with no output derating.

24th June 2010
Rugged, constant current power supply drives large-scale LED lighting installations – with dimming

Sunpower’s PLEC-035S035DT power supply provides up to 100 VDC output at 350 mA. Its constant current capability makes it ideal for driving large LED lighting arrays. This 35 W supply automatically delivers a consistent, optimum current into a series string of any length from 9 to 28 LED lamps. Parallel LED strings can also be added, subject to the total output current capacity of the power supply. LED brightness can be set by a dimming control...

3rd December 2009
Sunpower’s SPV Power Supply Range is programmable, versatile and highly reliable

The Sunpower SPV Power Supply range is ideal for applications demanding highly controllable DC power. With power possibilities from 150W up to 4500W, the SPV outputs can be remotely trimmed over a very wide range – from 20% to 110% (120% for SPV-1500) of their nominal value of 12, 24 or 48VDC. The input specification is similarly flexible, with a wide range of AC and DC sources accepted.

19th August 2009
Sunpower - Fanless DIN rail power supplies

Sunpower’s fanless DIN rail power supply family is ideal for applications ranging from industrial automation to domestic appliances. With output ratings from 10W up to 960W, these products efficiently match the power requirements of most panel builders. This wide power range is backed by a comprehensive set of features allowing very high power availability, reliability and efficiency, extended lifetime and reduced maintenance costs, compact ins...

7th July 2009
Sunpower - Waterproof LED power supplies for demanding applications

Sunpower’s CLG SERIES and PLN SERIES of power supplies offer a reliable choice for LED lighting applications. These UL1310 Class 2 power units feature environmental protection over extended temperatures, wide input and output voltage ranges for international use, and support for most LED types and installation designs. Built-in active power factor correction and high operating efficiency minimise users’ energy costs and carbon footprint.

22nd April 2009
Sunpower's SPS-100 Single Output Power Supplies

Sunpower has re-designed its 100W Single Output Power Supplies to make more suitable for low consumption and environmental protection purposes. The newly designed circuit is built-in new PWM control IC which brings the max. output wattage up to 110W (for 48V output) under natural cooling environment.

21st April 2009
Sunpower expands range of Green Mode AC/DC Power Supplies

Incorporating the same 88V ~ 264VAC or 125V ~375VDC input voltage as the single output models, and low

30th March 2009
480W High Efficiency Slim DIN Rail Power Supplies suitable for marine and semi-conductor related usage

Sunpower's slim DIN rail product family, the SDR-480, is designed for the growing demand of high performance DIN rail power supplies in the market. Available with 24V or 48Vdc outputs and featuring 94%+ of extreme high efficiency, it can provide 480W continuously or 720W for 3 seconds at temperatures up to 60°C using only free air convection. With built-in active PFC function, SDR-480 is a full input range switching power supply that fulfils the...

24th March 2009
Sunpower launches Single Output Green Mode Power Supplies

The SPS-G075 Series comprises 75W Single Output Green Mode designed power supplies for low power consumption / environment protection purposes. Available in 5V, 12V, 25V, 24V, 30V & 48V models with a max. output wattage of 76.8W under natural cooling environment and 105°C capacitor built-in the power units works with wide range operating temperature from -20°C to +70°C.

16th March 2009
150W Enclosed Type Power Supply from Sunpower

New from Sunpower is the HRP series which combines high operating efficiency and low no load power consumption. HRP(G)-150 are 150W AC/DC miniature enclosed type power supplies with PFC function that fulfils the requirement of EN61000-3-2 for harmonic current. Featuring up to 89% of high efficiency, HRP(G)-150 can provide 150W continuously up to 50C using only free air convection.

25th February 2009
160W Medical Power Supply in Single, Dual and Triple Output Options

Sunpower has announced a range of single, dual and triple output PCB type switching power supplies - RPS(G)-160 , RPD(G)-160, and RPT(G)-160 series targeting medical and IT applications with low profile requirements. The 5 x 3 PCB size has dominated the PCB-type power supply market for many years this new series perfectly fills the product gap for power supplies around 140~160W and provide end users with a more complete choice of power supply for...

23rd February 2009
Sunpower UK introduces DIN rail switching power supply

Sunpower UK has introducd the DR-15 series, a 12~15W single output Class II DIN rail switching power supply for the ever increasing demand of DIN rail applications. With Universal AC Input, no load power consumption

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