Rugged DC-DC converters suit railway applications

22nd October 2020
Mick Elliott

New possibilities for rail and industry power supplies are offered by Cincon’s conduction-cooled DC-DC half brick DC-DC converters, the CHB150W12 and CHB200W12.

Both DC-DC converters are available at Relec Electronics.

Conduction cooling for power supplies has many advantages, primarily lower maintenance and improved reliability due the elimination of moving parts when compared to fan operated supplies.  

There are also applications where a fan is not practical, as it may risk blowing conductive dust into the electronic system.

Whatever the application, good thermal design can reduce component temperatures and increase reliable operation.

Cincon has always focused on ensuring its conduction-cooled DC-DC bricks feature the latest technology and the latest addition to its line-up is no exception.

The CHB150W12 (150W) and CHB200W12 (200W) half brick DC-DC converters have an ultra-wide, 12:1 universal input range of 14-160Vdc. They are extremely rugged, making them ideal for use in railway applications, as well as distributed power architectures, telecommunications, battery operated equipment and industrial applications.

Both families meet the railway standards EN62368-1, EN50155 and EN45545-2, but can also be used in a wide variety of applications where operation from multiple DC supplies is beneficial, for example in medical, broadcast, robotics and agricultural designs.

The DC-DC converters are available with 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V or 48V outputs and have 3000Vac reinforced input to output isolation as standard.  Units operate with efficiencies up to 91% and case temperatures range from -40°C to +100°C.

There are several standard control functions, remote on/off with either positive or negative logic, adjustment output voltage from -20% to +15% and there is also a user settable under voltage lock out facility as well as output over current, output over-voltage, over-temperature and continuous short circuit protection. Optional heat sinks are available to extend the full power range of the modules.

Hold up time can be managed across the entire input voltage range by connecting capacitance to the Bus control pin, for a system that fully complies to the requirements of EN50155 with any input supply voltage.

Full application support is available with recommended PCB layouts, external heatsinks or detailed thermal profiling. There is also support for series or parallel connection, and redundant operation. 

Multiple modules can be connected to create larger systems which have the ability to synchronize output ripple using an external clock and the Sync control pin.

A power specialist, Relec Electronics has an in-depth knowledge of the railway and industrial standards, to help customers design in the CHB150W12 and CHB200W12 modules into any system to meet particular requirements and achieve optimum performance.

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