Powersolve’s Latest Rechargeable Power Bank

7th December 2015
Enaie Azambuja

Powersolve Mobile’s latest rechargeable power bank combines a versatile lamp with a Lithium battery big enough to power or recharge a wide variety of devices including mobile phones, tablets, cameras and any other portable device that can be charged from a standard 5 Volt USB charger. 

The Powersolve LMP10AH4 is a water resistant, tough and rugged rechargeable power bank designed for people who spend time away from AC mains charging facilities for long periods. Anglers, campers, festival goers, hikers and other active people will find this latest light and power bank an indispensable addition to their equipment.

The lamp features powerful LED’s with four brightness settings - low, medium, high and a strobing emergency flashing mode. It provides 440 Lumens on the high setting while Powersolve says the LMP10AH4 with provide over 50 hours of continuous illumination on the medium light setting and more than 100 hours on low setting.

The LMP10AH4 features a powerful 10,400mAh rechargeable Lithium battery which will charge a typical smart phone four times or fully charge a tablet PC. It can be charged in exactly the same way as users charge their smartphones, tablets etc and its 5V, 2A output means it will charge any device powered by standard USB charging technology.

The LMP10AH4 measures 106 x 70 mm and weighs just 298g. It is CE marked and guaranteed for three years. It can be purchased online at www.powersolvemobile.com

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