Power supply line set to replace existing models

19th July 2016
Joe Bush

The recently launched PS5R-V line of DIN-rail power supplies from IDEC Corporation is set to replace the company’s existing PS5R and PS5R-S series with more efficient, compact and cost competitive models that are specifically designed for use in demanding industrial applications.

The PS5R-V line of power supplies includes 7.5W, 10W, 15W, 30W, 60W, 90W, 120W and 240W versions. All models have a very compact form factor, with overall dimensions reduced by up to 25% from previous generations. Combined with DIN-rail mounting, the reduced form factors free up valuable control panel space and reduce installation costs.

Greater versatility is offered through operating temperature ranges from -25 to 75°C. These extended operating temperature ranges often allow these power supplies to be used in control panels without the need for air conditioning or other cooling devices. In addition, operating efficiencies have been significantly improved - up to 16% from previous generations. These efficiencies meet or exceed competing products and reduce energy consumption.

Flexibility is designed into the PS5R-V line of power supplies with spring-up screw terminals that accept ring and fork terminals, as well as stripped wire. The power supply can also be mounted in any of six different orientations with minimal de-rating, providing a range of installation configuration options.

The PS5R-V line of power supplies is approved for installation in Class I Division 2 environments in standard control cabinets, making them well suited for use in hazardous location applications such as oil and gas processing and petrochemical facilities. These power supplies add to IDEC’s current line of products approved for installation in hazardous areas, allowing many automation applications to be designed using only approved products, which simplifies engineering and saves money.

Certifications and approvals include UL 508, UL 1310, SEMI F47 and RoHS. Meeting these stringent industry standards requires the use of very reliable components, leading to an MTBF exceeding one million hours in several of the models. This level of reliability allows IDEC to offer its customers a five year warranty.

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