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10th May 2023
IDEC introduce SA2E general-purpose photoelectric sensor family

IDEC Corporation introduces the SA2E general-purpose photoelectric (PE) sensor family, in five major models, each which improve on or replace proven SA1E products. 

23rd March 2023
New IDEC safety commander improves HMI tablet usability

IDEC Corporation has developed the new HT4P Safety Commander, building on the success of the HT3P by incorporating end-user feature requests for additional networking and operator interface functionality.

14th February 2023
New IDEC easy-stack terminal blocks provide flexible wire termination option

IDEC announces the new BTBH-H easy-stack product line of surface mount terminal blocks in a compact form factor with multiple amp ratings. These blocks can be easily stacked together or ordered preassembled to meet the needs of any commercial or industrial application.

11th November 2022
IDEC announces low-profile touchless switches

IDEC Corporation has introduced a line of CW low-profile touchless switches suitable for many hygienic industrial and public automation applications, addressing cleanliness concerns for protecting against COVID-19 and other contamination.

28th October 2022
VFDs provides flexible motor control and energy savings

IDEC Corporation now offers a line of VF1A Doesa variable frequency drives (VFDs), providing versatile control and efficient operation of electrical motors for a wide range of applications.

11th May 2021
Unmanaged industrial Ethernet switch brings key features

IDEC Corporation has added the SX5E-HU085B 8-port unmanaged industrial Ethernet switch to its product portfolio. This device provides many managed switch features to support the rapidly expanding quantity of Ethernet, IoT, and IIoT devices used in critical and challenging commercial and industrial locations. No software configuration is needed, and flexible installation options make this an economical yet high-performance solution.

3rd March 2021
IDEC introduces category 2 safety relay module

IDEC Corporation has announced the release of its new HR5S safety relay module. This latest addition to IDEC’s family of safety devices gives designers and OEMs more options to provide better end user safety while cutting costs and improving the productivity of machines and equipment. The HR5S safety relay module is the first on the market designed specifically to meet ISO 13849 Category 2 requirements.

11th February 2021
HR6S safety relay includes built-in IoT connectivity

IDEC has announced the release of its new HR6S safety relay module. This microcomputer-based device supports a wide variety of connections, input devices, and operating modes—and adds convenient diagnostic and status monitoring important for the growing number of manufacturing sites relying on important internet of things (IoT) data.

27th January 2021
IDEC upgrades switches with push-in wiring technology

IDEC Corporation has enhanced their HW series of 22mm switches and pilot lights, as well as the SJ/SU series of relay sockets, with new options for push-in wiring technology, continuing the company’s goal of delivering safe, simple, and smart solutions.

19th January 2021
Smart RFID reader secures industrial equipment

IDEC Corporation announces the new KW2D series of smart radio frequency identification (RFID) readers. These smart RFID readers are designed for easy installation into the typical 22mm panel-mount holes used with machinery, are readily integrated with automation systems, and enable OEMs and end users to easily apply advanced authentication and authorisation measures.

7th October 2020
IDEC introduces HG1P handheld HMI

IDEC has introduced the new 4.3” LCD screen size HG1P handheld HMI (human-machine interface). This lightweight and robust HMI is the right-sized way to enhance operator interactions for automated machine tending and robotics applications, and it is the most cost-effective device of its type.

16th September 2020
IDEC adds 12V DC 16 I/O CPUs to MicroSmart FC6A PLC

IDEC has announced an expansion to the already capable MicroSmart FC6A all-in-one PLC family, with three new 12V DC CPUs. End users, designers, and OEMs now have more options for automating battery-backed equipment, traffic controls, and heavy equipment vehicles.

28th August 2020
IDEC enhances MicroSmart FC6A plus CPU with EtherNet/IP

IDEC Corporation announces an update to add EtherNet/IP communications to the MicroSmart FC6A Plus PLC. This update provides more options for end users, designers, and OEMs to integrate the FC6A Plus with many types of I/O systems and intelligent automation devices.

10th June 2019
HMI maximises display space and improves visibility

The release of the new HG5G-V 15” human-machine interface (HMI) touchscreen, has been announced by IDEC Corporation as the largest model in the High-Performance family. This HMI offers more display real estate so applications can readily show extensive process information with improved aesthetics and visibility.

8th December 2016
Good Design Award goes to MicroSmart FC6A

The Good Design Award from the Japan Institute for Design Promotion, a public interest foundation, has been awarded to IDEC Corporation’s MicroSmart FC6A PLC. Submissions for this award come from more than 4,000 entries submitted by over a 1,000 companies each year in a wide range of fields. These entries are screened by distinguished design experts selected from various industries.

11th October 2016
Leading-edge technology adopted for industrial use

One of the first display products to take advantage of the worldwide standard 4.3” LCD screen size is the 4.3” HG1G HMI from IDEC Corporation. As this screen size is so widely used in consumer gaming devices and other commercial products, it effectively obsoletes HMIs with smaller screen sizes by offering a larger and higher resolution display area at a lower price.

19th July 2016
Power supply line set to replace existing models

The recently launched PS5R-V line of DIN-rail power supplies from IDEC Corporation is set to replace the company’s existing PS5R and PS5R-S series with more efficient, compact and cost competitive models that are specifically designed for use in demanding industrial applications.

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