Power Controllers Manage Both Analog Components and Digital POL Converters

4th December 2005
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Power-One, Inc has announced the ZM7300 Series of Digital Power Managers. The ZM7300 Series products are the first power controllers ever available that can manage analog components – including VRMs, linear regulators, Point-Of-Load (POL) converters, fans, and others – while simultaneously managing digital POL converters for a total of up to 32 devices. These open-architecture Z-Alliance™ compatible products can communicate with host systems via industry-standard I2C interfaces, to support 100kbs and 400kbs modes of operation.

ZM7300 controllers are available in industry-standard 9 x 9mm QFN packages that are less than one-sixth the size of Power-One’s previous generation of Digital Power Managers. In addition to purchasing ZM7300 controllers preprogrammed to their exact requirements, customers can perform programming via an IEEE 1149.1 compliant JTAG port during board assembly, or by using the wizard-driven Z-Series graphical user interface and the I2C port.

ZM7300 products also provide “on-the-fly” reprogramming capabilities without having to remove or replace any components on the board. Four independent enable outputs and Power Good inputs facilitate controlling analog components.

Monitoring capabilities include output voltage, current, and temperature for each Z-Series converter. A buffer stores this information for host-system communications, facilitating system-level monitoring and remote diagnostics. Z-Series controllers can also monitor the intermediate voltage bus, accept external interrupts, and initiate crowbar protection.

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