PFC controller maintains a 180° phase shift

30th July 2020
Mick Elliott

Texas Instruments' UCC28065 interleaved PFC controller enables transition-mode PFC at higher power ratings than previously possible.

It is in stock at distributor Digi-Key.

The device uses a natural interleaving technique to maintain a 180° phase shift.

Both channels operate as masters (there is no slave channel) synchronised to the same frequency.

This approach enables faster response time, accurate phase shifts, and transition-mode operation for each channel.

The device has a burst-mode function to get high light-load efficiency.

Burst-mode eliminates the need to turn off the PFC during light-load operation to meet standby power targets, eliminating the need for an auxiliary Flyback when paired with the UCC25640x LLC controller and the UCC24612 or UCC24624 synchronous rectifier controllers.

The increased frequency clamping doubles the switching frequency capability compared with previous devices.

The increased switching frequency range allows the design to utilise the benefits of GaN MOSFETs such as LMG3410 and SiC MOSFETs.

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