Pasternack debuts range of engineering-grade RF/microwave adapters

27th June 2023
Sheryl Miles

Pasternack, an Infinite Electronics brand and a provider of RF, microwave, and millimetre-wave products, announces the launch of its new line of engineering-grade RF/microwave adapters.

These precision adapters offer superb reliability, designed to reduce the burden of repeated replacement costs and meet radio frequency requirements with their enduring performance and consistency.

The new adapters are built for extended mating cycles, ensuring they can endure heavy usage and extending their lifespan. They are resilient to temperature fluctuations and suitable for various environments, ensuring optimal energy transmission.

At the heart of these adapters is their robust stainless-steel construction. Designed to perform under the harshest conditions, they ensure long-lasting performance at peak levels. The resilience of these adapters is matched by their wide-ranging interoperability. They are compatible with popular RF connectors, ensuring smooth integration into your existing setups.

The outstanding features of the adapters extend to their low VSWR, facilitating efficient and accurate energy transfer while reducing signal loss, resulting in superior connection standards. Additionally, with impedance equalisation features, Pasternack’s adapters minimise signal reflection while maximising power transmission.

“Our latest line of engineering-grade RF/microwave adapters embodies our steadfast commitment to offering robust and reliable solutions to our customers. These adapters not only guarantee precise and optimal energy transmission but boast enhanced longevity and resilience to temperature variations,” said Kevin Hietpas, Product Line Manager.

Pasternack’s engineering-grade RF/microwave adapters are in stock and available for same-day shipping.

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