High power limiter tackles demanding applications

18th July 2014
Mick Elliott

MACOM’s new 200 W CW power L-Band limiter boasts four times the power handling than the nearest competing alternative. It is a high power limiter suited to demanding applications which require high peak and CW power receive protection in Air Traffic Management and Radar systems.

The passive, fully matched limiter operates over the 1-2 GHz bandwidth and integrates the equivalent of 19 discrete diode and passive components into a single packaged solution. The device features 200 CW power handling and up to a 1000 W of peak power handling under 300 us and 10% duty cycle pulse conditions. 

The device boasts 0.35 dB insertion loss and 19 dBm flat leakage power at +55dBm and is offered in a low RGA, fully hermetic package with a compact 10.1mm x 6.2mm x 3.2mm outline.

“The high power limiter is designed to provide a complete solution for the most demanding applications in the smallest possible size,” said Paul Beasly, Product Manager. “The MADL-011014 provides industry leading power and small signal performance in a SMT package which allows our customers to complete designs more rapidly, exceed system requirements, and protect critical systems with superior reliability under the harshest environmental conditions.”

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