High frequency noise rejection in voltage supervisory ICs

15th July 2019
Lanna Cooper

Ahmad shows how a supervisory IC, such as the MAX16140 nanoPower voltage supervisor, provides better protection from high frequency noise for safe and reliable system operation.

Ahmad is an application engineer at Maxim integrated and in this video he talks about high frequency noise in voltage motor and supervisory ICS.

What is a supervisory IC?
A system protection IC that monitors supply rails for under voltage fault and when it detects that fault it sends a reset signal to the microcontroller to reset the system. Furthermore it keeps the system in reset, until that faulty supply completely recovers during normal operation. However sometimes this system protection is compromised or degraded because of the noise and transient in a system that couples into your system either from external sources such as an RF transmitter or an AC power line or it can actually be generated on the system itself.

For example, a searching power supply on the system, providing power to your system, generates noise and transients because of a switching action and noise and transients can actually couple into the sensitive components of the system. Malfunction causes malfunction in the system, as far as supervisory IC is concerned, a typical or a common issue observed in an environment or an application.

To find out more, please watch the rest of the video below.

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