Diodes Incorporated - high-voltage dual-input charger for more reliable battery charging

19th May 2010
ES Admin
For a variety of handheld equipment requiring both USB and AC/DC power adapter charging inputs, Diodes Incorporated has introduced the API9221 lithium ion/polymer battery charger IC. This dual-input IC enables USB host and DC adaptor connections, delivering charge currents in accordance with the USB standard or up to 1.2A, respectively.
To ensure equipment can support a wide range of OEM and aftermarket chargers, the API9221 inputs can withstand a maximum voltage of 28V, which reduces external protection component requirements. To protect the IC, battery, and system, the charger will suspend charging when the input voltage exceeds 5.4V on the USB input or 6.8V on the DC adaptor input. The IC outputs also feature reverse current protection.

The API9221 features a bypass LDO regulator, enabling a host controller to detect the connection of an out-of-specification supply voltage and safely keep the charger in its off-state condition until a valid supply is connected. The device offers excellent thermal regulation and protection, with the ability to reduce charge current to keep the die temperature within safe operating conditions.

The API9221 follows the industry-standard CC/CV charging algorithm, and enables USB and adaptor charge currents and end-of-charge currents to be user-configured via external resistor settings. With only a 1% error across the device's operating temperature range, the IC ensures battery charging up to 4.2V.

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