DC/DC converter modules save on board space

20th May 2014
Caroline Hayes

PCIM 2014: Isolated, regulated DC/DC converter modules from Vicor are based on the company’s ChiP (Converter housed in Package) power component. According to the company, they delivering up to 2X the power density of conventional DC/DC converters, for parallel operation (up to eight units) that provides 1200Win³ at 93% efficiency.


The DCMs can be used in applications that require high power density and thermal management flexibility, in a small form factor.

DC/DC conversion requirements are from 12 to 420V input and 12 to 55V output. Coupled with the company’s FPA and ZVS regulators, the modules are initially available as a 4623 (46 x 23mm) 600W ChiP DCM, with nominal 290V in and 13.8V out for high voltage Li-Ion battery to 12V systems. The second offering is a 3623 (36 x 23mm) 320W ChiP DCM with 16 to 50V in range and nominal 28V out, optimised for 28V MIL-COTS systems.

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