Broad range of space-saving PN and Trench Schottky rectifiers

12th March 2018
Enaie Azambuja

Nexperia has announced the launch of a wide range of PN and Trench Schottky rectifiers for power applications including automotive, industrial and consumer. In total, the company now offers more than 90 devices in the CFP packages. Nexperia CFP packaging is size- and thermally-efficient. The package design has a solid copper clip and exposed heat sink to reduce the package’s thermal resistance and optimise the transfer of heat into the ambient environment, allowing smaller and thinner PCB designs.

The CFP package is available in three versions - CFP3 (SOD123W), CFP5 (SOD128) and CFP15 (SOT1289) - that support up to 15 A current. The CFP3 packages deliver a footprint saving of 50% when compared to previous-generation SMA-packaged devices.

Commented Jan Fischer, Nexperia’s product marketing manager for power rectifiers: “By entering the power rectifier market with such a broad product range of high performance miniature devices, Nexperia is delivering a future-proof solution.

So now, customers can be sure of the security of the supply chain in high volumes for these PN and Schottky rectifiers. We are also investing heavily in new production facilities and plan significant increases in design personnel to further grow this portfolio and support our customers in the power markets.”

New devices available include:

VF/IR optimised 40 V/45 V and 60 V Trench Schottky rectifiers in CFP3/5/15 packaging
These high-performance parts build on Nexperia’s existing extensive portfolio of planar types, offering the combination of low reverse current and low forward voltage. This increases the thermal stability and reduces the risk of thermal runaway. The Trench Schottky rectifiers offer a TJ(max) of 175 °C and are AEC-Q101 qualified.

Fast recovery, low reverse current PN rectifiers in CFP3 and CFP5 packaging
The portfolio consists of two different product groups:
- 200 V and 400 V Hyperfast switching pn-rectifiers that feature an optimised recovery time (trr) of under 25 ns.
- 200 V and 400 V Standard parts - trr > 500 ns
Beside the consumer-qualified solutions also AECQ101 qualified types with TJ(max) of 175°C are available.

Applications are very broad including functions such as DC/DC conversion, free-wheeling diodes, bridge rectification and reverse polarity protection in automotive, consumer and industrial markets, as well as equipment used in high temperature environments. Devices are in mass production now.

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