Two watt power rating resistor with low self-heating

9th June 2021
Alex Lynn

As electronic devices continue to evolve, finding resistors that have higher power ratings in a given package size are more and more important. However, higher power resistors can often generate significantly more heat than resistors with standard power ratings.

Stackpole’s RHC2512 provides a two watt power rating with lower self-heating because of proprietary materials, design, and processing. The RHC2512 will typically operate 15 to 20oC cooler than comparable two watt 2512 size chip resistors. This makes circuit design with the RHC2512 easier because it may be placed closer to heat sensitive components.

The excellent high power performance of the RHC2512 is a great choice for a wide range of control and power applications, thermostats, safety systems, computers, memory solutions, automation and controls, and industrial equipment.

Pricing for the RHC2512 varies with value and tolerance and ranges from $0.19 to $0.32 each in full package quantities.

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