C&K’s SDP002 Micro Mini Pendulum Switch Enables More Efficient ATCA Board Control and SMT Process Compatibility

17th October 2012
ES Admin

C&K Component's has developed a surface mount micro miniature pendulum detect switch for consumer electronic and harsh environment industrial applications. A rugged combination of stainless steel base metal with silver-over-nickel plating and phosphor bronze-based contacts/terminals contributes to the robust SDP002 detect switch’s long lifespan and RoHS compliance.

The low profile SDP002 switch is either right or left side actuated with low force, allowing for a wide expanse of viable integration options in industrial controls, advanced telecommunications computing architecture, or in compact consumer devices.

“The SDP002 detect switch is SMT process compatible and lead free, which gives design engineers a variety of unique options for applications without the space to incorporate a larger surface mount switch,” said Kyle Peterson, product manager at C&K Components.

The micro miniature pendulum switch can withstand a voltage of 100VAC for one minute, and its contacts are rated at 5VDC 1mA. The SDP002 switch maintains a 50,000 cycle electrical life and an operating temperature range of -20ºC to +70ºC. Maximum operating force for the SDP002 switch is 12.2 gf. Manual soldering temperature may reach up to 355ºC for a period of 3.5 seconds without damaging the integrity of construction. The SDP002 switches are available in tape-and-reel packaging with 4,550 switches per reel. The SDP002 switches are ideal for industrial control boards, including “hot-swappable” ATCA boards, or remote devices found in consumer electronics.

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