RPC2512-HP 2W pulse withstanding chip from Stackpole

21st May 2020
Alex Lynn

Power supplies and controls face an increasing level of surge requirements from regulatory bodies as well as internal design requirements. Higher power ratings and better pulse withstanding are critical. Discover the RPC2512-HP 2W pulse withstanding chip to help with these challenges.

For these applications, the RPC series has added the RPC2512-HP which has pulse withstanding many times better than general purpose thick film chips of the same size and has a 2W power rating.

With a resistance range of 1 ohm to 200K, tolerances as low as 0.5%, and TCR as low as 100 ppm, the RPC2512-HP is a well suited choice for a wide range of electronic power and motor controls.

Applications include a wide range of power supply types, motor controls, thermostats and oven controls, defibrillators, small appliances, electric hand tools, welding equipment, industrial equipment. Pricing varies with tolerance, and resistance and ranges from $0.14 to $0.185.

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