Four terminal shunt with raised element for lower self heating

18th April 2019
Lanna Cooper


Stackpole’s HCSK2725 is an all metal technology shunt with a raised element to provide current handling with low self heating. The 5W rated HCSK2725 is available in in a 1Ω value with TCR of 50ppm/°C with other resistance values under development.

The combination of resistance value and tolerance allows for sensing of currents of up to 70A with suitable precision due to the four terminal Kelvin connection.

The HCSK can be used in a wide range of power supply and control applications, motor controls, battery backup systems, and HVAC equipment.

Pricing for the HCSK2725 depends on tolerance and ranges from $0.205 to $0.23 each in full package quantities.

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