Expanded portfolio of ULTEM UTF120 film for dielectric capacitors

21st August 2018
Alex Lynn


At PCIM (Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion) Europe 2018, SABIC introduced two new gauges of ULTEM UTF120 polyetherimide (PEI) dielectric film for high temperature, professional-grade capacitor applications. 

These new additions of seven and ten micron thicknesses to SABIC’s portfolio of ULTEM UTF120 film respond to customers’ requirements for film that can meet the voltage requirements of different capacitors and open the door for new design options. 

SABIC’s ULTEM UTF120 film technology offers important advantages for capacitor applications, such as high dielectric constant and insulation resistance and low dielectric loss. The two new grades address the need for higher voltage applications that require thicker film with greater storage capacity. These new ULTEM UTF120 film grades are part of an expanding portfolio that already features a five micron ULTEM UTF120 film product, which was launched last year.

Stephanie Gathman, director, Emerging Applications, SABIC, stated: “Today’s power electronics applications demand higher performance and greater reliability than ever before. SABIC is actively investing in new high-temperature film technologies that offer distinct advantages over previous options, including better thermal and electrical stability and longer service life. With the introduction of these two new ULTEM UTF120 film grades, we are continuing to deliver on our strategy of building a broad portfolio that can support a full range of capacitor voltages and energy densities.”

SABIC’s new seven and ten micron ULTEM UTF120 dielectric film products enable the design of lightweight, compact, high energy density capacitors that can store large amounts of electrical energy for long periods without significant current leakage or loss of charge at high temperatures. This technology can benefit capacitor applications by delivering key properties including high dielectric constant and insulation resistance and low dielectric loss, which are stable at temperatures up to 150°C and at high frequencies.

With a temperature range of -40 to +150°C, ULTEM UTF120 film exceeds the temperature performance of commodity capacitor materials such as polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film. As such, the SABIC film may support demanding applications such as DC/DC converters and electric compressors for electric vehicles. Because the ULTEM UTF120 film can handle higher temperatures, it can reduce or potentially eliminate the need to actively cool converter capacitors by way of a secondary source. For instance, the film can minimise the need for cooling loops used to reduce temperatures for PP and PET film capacitors, which have traditionally taken up precious under-bonnet space and can constrain design flexibility.

Capacitors using ULTEM UTF120 film are capable of withstanding industry-standard 260°C reflow soldering processes. The SABIC film also provides handling through metallisation, capacitor winding and flattening (squashing). It can be processed on existing equipment and has been validated with both film-foil and metallised electrodes, including flat, tapered and patterned metallised electrode designs.

The company’s expanding portfolio of ULTEM UTF120 film products is commercially available worldwide.

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