Chip resistors offer high voltage ratings with high precision

2nd April 2019
Lanna Cooper


Stackpole’s UHV Series of chip resistors offer high precision and stability in a surface mount package that is capable of handling extremely high voltages. The voltage ranges for each size are as follows: 2010-3,000 to 6,000V, 2512-4,000 to 10KV, 3512-4,000V to 14KV, 4020-6,000V to 16KV, 5020-6,000V to 20KV.

The UHV Series is available in case sizes ranging from 2010 to 5020. Tolerances are available down to ±1% and TCR down to ±100PPM.

Resistance values for the UHV series range from 100Meg up to 10Gig. Stackpole has 500M, 1G, and 2G are in stock. This series is suitable for use on the high voltage divider networks or any application with space constraints and high voltage requirements.

The UHV is suitable for high voltage medical applications, voltage dividers, high voltage power supplies, avionics and aerospace, industrial equipment, and telecom infrastructure and equipment.

Pricing for the UHV depends on size, resistance value, tolerance and TCR.

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