2W 2512 size anti-sulfur chip resistors

21st May 2021
Alex Lynn

Stackpole's RMCS series now offers a 2W power rating in a 2512 chip resistor size as the RMCS2512 ... -HP. This option doubles the standard 2512 power rating and allows for the RMCS-HP to be used for higher power applications that may have used a different technology previously.

Many electronics devices that you may not associate with sulfur environments may have issues with sulfur. Environments with certain types of rubber gaskets or hoses, some connectors, lubricants, and oils, and even the ambient air in some locations can have high concentrations of sulfur.

Sulfur reacts with the silver inner terminations of general purpose chip resistors causing them to increase in resistance value and eventually open. Anti-sulfur resistor solutions have become more readily available, but higher power versions are still difficult to find.

Applications include industrial power and control applications, automotive controls and infotainment, machinery controls, servers and computers, data storage, marine controls, and welding equipment.

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