Visible and NIR laser system solutions

15th May 2020
Alex Lynn

Necsel have become a specialist in visible and NIR laser system solutions thanks to their patented Volume Bragg Grating (VBG) technology, for which the company has been awarded over 35 patents.  These VBG elements stabilise laser diode wavelength and produce a very narrow line-width with minimal temperature dependence. 

The use of VBGs also improves laser diode efficiency and lifetime.  Necsel offer a wide range of stabilised laser modules with wavelengths spanning the visible and NIR spectrum. 

The SLM Single Longitudinal Mode laser series offers ultra-stable output power, very narrow spectral linewidth and high wavelength stability. The output can be fibre coupled or free space.  

The PLM series are power stabilised laser sources in a compact and rugged enclosure ideally suited for applications demanding stable and high power multimode optical output.

The PLM features automatic stabilised power control, utilising the internal TEC and monitor photodiode.

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