VIEW-IT infrared laser detector kit

15th August 2023
Sheryl Miles

LASER COMPONENTS, a global specialist in photonics and optoelectronics, is excited to unveil the innovative VIEW-IT Infrared Laser Detector Kit, featuring Pocket Card and Wand Detectors.

This kit marks a significant advancement in laser detection technology, offering professionals a comprehensive solution for accurate and efficient detection of infrared (IR) laser emissions.

The VIEW-IT Infrared Laser Detector Kit is engineered to meet the demands of various industries, including industrial manufacturing, research, and safety.

The kit's standout features include the Pocket Card Detector, a compact and portable card that changes colour upon exposure to IR laser radiation, allowing instant visual assessment of potential hazards. Complementing the Pocket Card is the Wand Detector, designed for pinpoint laser detection in specific areas. This combination empowers users to swiftly identify potential laser risks and take appropriate precautions, enhancing workplace safety and operational efficiency.

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