Upgrade to app brings easier commissioning of smart lighting

29th May 2018
Enaie Azambuja

Casambi has issued an update for its smart lighting platform app. The latest version makes it quicker to commission lighting systems and introduces features, including enhanced access to multiple networks and better control over functions such as dimming and daylight harvesting. Part of a Bluetooth Low Energy lighting control platform, the software includes updates for both the app itself – which is used to commission and control a Casambi lighting solution – and the firmware embedded within Casambi hardware.

A feature of the new version is the improved ability to add and commission units one by one to a lighting network. The pairing process simply selects the next closest unit automatically by gauging signal strength. When being paired, lights blink for easy identification, and it is possible to re-name each unit and add it to a desired lighting group via the pairing screen in the app.

The update also introduces time-based scenes and circadian profiles for regular scenes. Time-based scenes can support different light dimming values at different times of day, controlled via the Casambi app or via wireless and wired switches, sensors and timers.

For example, this means that a sensor can enable lights to be turned up to 100% during the day and down to 30% at night, without changing the lighting scene. Circadian profiles allow regular scenes to automatically adjust in colour temperature throughout the day.

In addition, the updated app delivers more ability to adjust different scenes within timers and animations, so dimming levels, colours and colour temperatures can be varied over time. The app’s settings also now offer the ability to set minimum and maximum dimming levels for individual luminaires – especially useful for LED bulbs that may flicker at low levels.

‘This new version of our software makes commissioning professional smart lighting systems simpler than ever, and delivers even more control over lighting scenes and animations, enabling greater customisation possibilities for customers, as well as giving them the capability to extend their lighting networks with minimal difficulty,’ said Casambi’s CEO Timo Pakkala.

The software update is a boost for Casambi’s fast-growing ecosystem of thousands of partner products, which includes luminaires, drivers, dimmers, switches and control modules, all working harmoniously with Casambi’s native BLE platform solutions.

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