Tuneable light source at LASER COMPONENTS

11th September 2020
Alex Lynn

LASER COMPONENTS has announced that it now offers the Tuneable Light Source (TLS) module from partners Dynasil Optometrics. The TLS is an integration of Optometrics’ own Mini-Chrom monochromator, and an efficient power stabilised broadband tungsten halogen light source with variable aperture. 


The TLS allows for easy selection of output wavelength from several spectral ranges from 360-1,000nm with bandwidths 6nm, 10nm or 25nm. 

Wavelength selection is either controlled manually via a digital dial or can be computer controlled, rotating the internal diffraction grating to allow only a few nm to pass through the output slit, or optional output fibre optic cable or adapter.  

The Tuneable Light Source is great for laboratory use and can be customised for use in a range of OEM applications.  

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