Thermopile detectors

2nd March 2023
Sheryl Miles

LASER COMPONENTS is pleased to represent Dexter Research Centre, specialists in the manufacturing of stable, high quality, high output radiation sensing thermopile detectors with a linear dynamic range from the UV to long wave IR.

Thermopile detectors are passive radiation sensing voltage-generating devices that require no bias or cooling and do not emit any radiation.

Spectral sensitivity is defined by the selection of optical band-pass filters, with dozens of options available. Thermopile output is generally in the micro-Volt to milli-Volt range depending on target size, temperature, and radiance.

Thermopile detectors generate no 1/ƒ or microphonic noise, but only the Johnson noise of their resistance. Additionally, thermopile detectors provide a stable output for DC radiation up to a frequency limited by the time constant. Unlike pyroelectric detectors, no chopper or modulation is required.

Applications are broad and include the following: 

  • hand-held non-contact temperature measurements
  • non-contact temperature measurements in industrial applications and process control
  • infrared radiometry
  • automotive exhaust gas analysis of CO, CO2, & HC
  • medical gas analysis including anaesthetic, incubator CO and CO2, blood alcohol breathalysers
  • fire detection
  • blood glucose monitoring
  • human presence and detection
  • custom sub-assemblies including mechanics and PCB’s

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