Thermal imagers for the automotive industry

17th August 2018
Enaie Azambuja

Fluke Process Instruments will present a thermal camera in addition to thermal imaging solutions. These devices facilitate troubleshooting, QA, and process optimisation in various applications. They help reduce scrap, save fuel costs, and ensure traceability to meet auditing requirements. They can be integrated in OPC and plant-specific networks. The ThermoView TV40 integrates both an infrared and a visible-light camera.

Designed for fixed installation, it enables continuous monitoring of processes and products. Applications include laser plastic welding and testing of seat warmers. Operators can define various areas of interest with discrete tolerances, alarms, and trending.

Raytek MP150 linescanners are used for thermal imaging in moving processes. Co-exhibitor Selmatec Systems will present comprehensive in-line monitoring solutions based on this linescanner and Raytek pyrometers. The German system integrator has implemented modular, scalable solutions for automotive applications such as press hardening.

Scanning moving blanks and press parts at a 150Hz frequency, the linescanners generate thermal images that provide information on temperature uniformity, part integrity (thickness variations, overlapping material), oven performance, die wear, and cooling cycle performance. The imager provides a ±1% accuracy compliant with CQI-9 HTSA.

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