The wild possibilities for LG Innotek UV LEDs

9th February 2017
Enaie Azambuja


Whilst emitters in UVB wavelengths (280-315nm) are primarily used in medical technology, applications of UVC LEDs (200-280nm) include:

• sterilisation

• water decontamination

• odour control

• food preservation

• phototherapy

• fluorescence spectroscopy

• counterfeit sensing

The RoHS compliant UVC LEDs are presented in “6060 1in1” packages, measuring 6.0mm x 6.0mm and consist of 1 emitter within the 1 package. There are 2mW, 10mW and 30mW LEDs, referred to as LEUVA66B00HF00, LEUVA66G00HF00 and LEUVA66G00HV00 respectively.

The LEDs are static sensitive (class 2) and include Zener diode protection against supply polarity error. A rear heatsink allows for easy heat dissipation, which is important to maintain the lifetime of these devices. The typical viewing angle is approximately 110-130°, with a peak emission wavelength between 275nm and 285nm and with a spectral bandwidth of approximately +/- 8nm at FWHP.

Higher optical power emissions are possible by connecting these UV LEDs in parallel, although each LED must include its own series resistor. The LEDs are operated in forward bias as reverse bias can cause damage.

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