TerraLUX Introduces Unique Plug & Play LED Lighting Solution

15th February 2012
ES Admin
TerraLUX Inc announced today the production release of its new Line Voltage Linear LED Engine. Unlike typical LED lighting solutions, the Line Voltage Linear LED Engine connects directly to mains voltage, and requires no additional LED driver or wiring. All you need to install the unit is two screws and three wire nuts.
The Line Voltage Linear LED Engine is available as a U.L. Recognized component for OE fixture manufacturers as well as in a U.L. 1598C Classified LED Retrofit Kit. The Retrofit Kit contains all accessories an installer needs including: mounting brackets, screws, wire nuts, and detailed instructions. The UL 1598C Classification (LED retrofit kit) allows any qualified electrician to retrofit an existing installed fixture on-site while maintaining the UL listing of the fixture. In five minutes or less the Line Voltage Linear LED Engine can be permanently installed transforming any existing fixture into a more energy efficient, zero-maintenance unit.

The Line Voltage Linear LED Engine is designed with TerraLUX’s patented LEDSense® Thermal Management circuitry allowing for installation in any sealed fixture and ensuring long-term lumen maintenance even in adverse conditions. The IP-65 rated engine is suited for indoor and outdoor installations in wall sconces, recessed step lights and wall lights, ceiling surface mounted fixtures and outdoor wall packs. The unique design of the engine transfers heat emitted from the LEDs to the metallic housing of the fixture with further protection from the LEDSense® circuitry. If the heat is too high, LEDSense® will protect the LEDs by lowering the power until a safe temperature is reached, persevering the lifespan of the LEDs and the internal driver.

The Line Voltage Linear LED Engine is available for 120V input and compatible with phase dimming or as a 100-277V input unit compatible with 1-10V dimming. The dimming profile is compliant to the new NEMA SSL-6 guidelines. The unit is also available in three sizes – 4, 6 and 8 inches, with light output ranging from 390 to over 800 lumens. The engine is highly efficient at 54 to 66 lumens/watt, depending on options, with the 4” unit consuming a mere 8-watts of power. Available in four color temperatures, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K, the Line Voltage Linear LED Engine has a 5-year limited warranty.

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