Smartoptics launches DCP-1203 transponder solution

24th February 2023
Kristian McCann

Smartoptics has announced the launch of the new DCP-1203 transponder. The Smartoptics transponder solution is designed for easy-of-use, flexiblity and cost-efficiency 100G to 400G networking.

The DCP-1203 transponder enables 100G and 400G transport in a small form factor, which is designed for low power consumption and low latency. This may provide solution for operators, enterprises and data centres to transport more traffic and meet increasing bandwidth needs.

The DCP-1203 has three individual transponders on the same card that can each be used in 100G, 200G, 300G or 400G mode. The client side can use a flexible range of QSFP28 client types for 100G and QSFP-DD for 400G. The line side can use coherent DWDM 100GZR+, 400GZR and 400GZR+ QSFP-DDs.

The DCP-1203 is designed for two main use cases:

  • Convert from gray 100/400G optics to DWDM - when it is not possible to put coherent DWDM 100G or 400G QSFP-DDs embedded in switches and routers.
  • Provide a demarcation point for signal hand-off. The transponder's demarcation point makes it possible to measure performance data before handing off the signal to another system.
  • The product also benefits from the capability to use optics that support encryption, providing high-security layer 1 encryption.

The DCP-1203 provides a smooth and future-proof migration path for organisations currently running 100G networks looking to better utilize higher line rates by using 400G line speeds. It does this by supporting client-side aggregation of four times 100G to run over 400G.

"The launch of the DCP-1203 transponder is yet another proof of our commitment to providing open solutions, using the latest standards with no lock-in. The support for standards-based 400G optics guarantees a future-proof solution. This is well aligned with the demand we are seeing in the market and I look forward to the first customer deployments," says Kent Lidström, CTO Smartoptics.

The DCP-1203 is planned to be available for the first deliveries to the market in April 2023, thus can be ordered now.

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