RFID Warehouse Management System improves productivity and control

28th October 2010
ES Admin
DAILY RFID has released RFID warehouse management system to improve productivity and control. Depending on the application, the RFID system can be designed to increase efficiency of warehouse management by reducing inventory errors and tracking items more exactly.
RFID warehouse management system contains a handheld reader DL770, a UHF RFID Reader DL910 and UHF tags. With wireless data transfer functions, the handheld reader provides timely information and integration of warehouse data. And this UHF RFID reader DL910 is a multi-tag autonomous reader with a fast reading rate and a long read range up to 15 m. Thus, it becomes much simple to locate goods within a warehouse by sniffing around for the correct RFID signal.

Complying with EPC Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6B standards, this RFID management system is very suitable for industrial applications. It improves efficiency by using DAILY’s UHF tags that facilitate automatic data entry. Depending on the use case, a variety of RFID tags are selected for different goods in the warehouse.

The completely automated RFID warehouse tracking system increases productivity while reducing labor and logistic costs. It can provide real-time and high accuracy information for tracking, thus strengthening security against product theft, loss and counterfeiting.

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