Pyroelectric detectors with long lifetimes

30th March 2020
Alex Lynn

LASER COMPONENTS supplies robust thermal pyroelectric detectors manufactured in standard transistor style packages with have long expected lifetimes making them well suited for fit and forget applications such as gas sensing, detecting intruders and identifying the presence of a flame.

The company can supply detectors with up to four channels allowing for the detection of three gases simultaneously. 

A pyroelectric infrared detector consists of a pyroelectric crystal sandwiched between two electrodes; these devices are thermal sensors that respond to a change in the IR radiation absorbed on the crystal surface.

A pyroelectric crystal is distinguished by having an atomic structure that will move slightly in response to a change in temperature, rearranging the electric charge within the solid generating a voltage across the electrodes. Pyroelectric detectors are characterised by much higher responsivity than other thermal detectors.

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