Pulsed laser diode module comes in wavelengths of up to 1550nm

23rd December 2015
Jordan Mulcare

LASER COMPONENTS is delighted to introduce its pulsed laser diode module, the L-CUBE. These modules include our powerful pulsed laser diodes and are available in different wavelengths for example, 850nm (up to 10W), 905nm (up to 200W) and 1550nm (up to 40W).

With a compact housing these modules come as a complete unit and do not need external devices. They are relatively easy to operate and require only a trigger signal and a 12VDC supply. These modules feature short rise and fall times and have an excellent temperature stability making them extremely useful in a wide range of applications like range finding, LIDAR, security barrier, ceilometer, illumination, medical applications.

One of the advantages of these modules is the reduction in cost as the pulse power and pulse length can be adjusted via control voltage, hence giving the user more flexibility to operate the module thereby allowing parameters to be changed.

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