Optical fibre custom assemblies

21st May 2024
Caitlin Gittins

Fibre optic assemblies, particularly custom fibre optic assemblies, are essential for many fibre optic systems and networks. 

Protective and armoured assemblies enable use in harsh environments or reduce the need for advanced fibre handling skills. The wide range of fibre terminations provides a straightforward method for connecting optical systems with components or patch cords. Fibre bundles allow for arrays of fibres to be specifically aligned in any required configuration.

Beyond assemblies that involve just the optical fibres, additional features can enhance their utility. Light can be collimated using lens configurations, high power applications can be facilitated with end caps, and very tight bend radii can be managed with additional optics in the assembly. These assemblies can also be employed for high/low temperature applications and for transitioning between high/low pressures, enabling sensing in previously inaccessible environments.

All of these assemblies and more are available through LASER COMPONENTS, which has extensive experience in the medical, aerospace and defence, research and development, and industrial markets, consistently supplying high-quality optical solutions.

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