New improved diffuse reflection light source

20th January 2023
Harry Fowle

New improved diffuse reflection light source, optimised for real-time component analysis of food, pharmaceutical and plastic products

An ever-increasing market demand in near-infrared spectroscopy has led Hamamatsu Photonics to design and develop a diffuse reflection light source (L16462-01). The new light source irradiates near-infrared light at wavelengths up to 2,500nm onto samples and collects the diffuse reflection light with high efficiency.

This diffuse reflection light source increases the light utilization efficiency in wavelengths ranging from 1,700nm to 2,500nm, where light intensity was up to now usually too weak for performing real-time component analysis using near-infrared spectroscopy. Combining this with our high-sensitivity FTIR spectrometer engine allows for a compact portable FTIR analyzer that is easily installable on production lines for food, pharmaceutical and plastic products. Sales of this diffuse reflection light source will start on 1st February 2023.

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