New Avago Industrial Fiber Receivers Deliver 50 MBaud Links for Power Systems, Smart Grid, and Industrial Automation

4th December 2012
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Avago Technologies today announced the availability of production volumes of a family of 50MBd - 820nm integrated fiber optic receivers for communication and control networks within power substation, smart grid and industrial automation applications.
Traditional 5MBd optical networks are no longer fast enough for substation automation and smart grid implementation. More control data and equipment need to be connected within the network requires higher bandwidth components to ensure reliability and safety, therefore equipment manufacturers are looking towards 50MBd links, but existing solutions require many external components. This new receiver provides the desired 50MBd link speed while integrating external receiver IC functions into the fiber optic receiver, saving one external IC and 18 discrete components.

AFBR-24x9xZ is designed to provide cost effective and high performance fiber optic communication links with industry-leading EMI resistance by utilizing state-of-the-art technology that has an integrated photodiode with digitalizing IC on the same silicon chip. The fiber optic receiver part is designed to operate with fiber optic transmitters HFBR-14xxZ and HFBR-1712TZ with link distances of up to 3km on multimode glass fiber cable. AFBR-24x9xZ is directly compatible with popular industry-standard ST and SMA connectors and it operates from 100kBd up to 50MBd of transmission signal. With this operating frequency range, this product can be used for implementing proprietary fiber optic transmission system up to 50MBd and 10Base-FL.

AFBR-24x9xZ has made the system engineer’s job easier with such integration of photodiode and digitalizing IC. This is because it saves more than 75% of components used in similar application and provides excellent EMC performance. It also consumes less than 20% of the total power dissipation when comparing to the existing solution for 10Base-FL application in the market. AFBR-24x9xZ is equipped with RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) feature that indicates the signal strength of the incoming optical signal for diagnostic function.

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