Modules support photon counting applications

19th May 2017
Enaie Azambuja

LASER COMPONENTS’ COUNT series of photon counting modules has been developed to offer a unique combination of high quantum efficiency, wide dynamic range and ease of use for photon counting applications. Combining our ultra-low-noise avalanche photodiodes with specially developed quenching and signal processing electronics, the COUNT series offers everything needed for single photon detection from 350 - 1600nm.

From the original COUNT module, offering excellent detection efficiency in the red, the family has grown to include the COUNT BLUE and the COUNT NIR with the former offering unrivalled detection efficiency in the blue and green and the latter offering superior performance at 810nm.

Also available in the COUNT family is the COUNTS - a passively quenched module featuring a larger active area for a low cost alternative to the original COUNT module and the COUNTT – specifically designed for time-correlated single photon counting applications. The COUNTT both detects and records the time of detection from a reference signal.

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