Luxury British light manufacturer launches

24th September 2018
Alex Lynn


The launch of Alexander Joseph's range of cordless, custom-made UK luxury lamps aims to bring products with aesthetic appeal to discerning home owners, hotels, restaurants, boat builders and retailers.

The original occurred when Alexander Joseph founder, Mark Robinson, tried to buy cordless table lamps. When he could only locate novelty low voltage sealed units or lamps with components which do not comply with UK safety legislation, he decided to create his own - using a team of British designers and artisan craftsmen to create lamps which combined the finest craft traditions with functionality.

Robinson, an investor, founder of more than a dozen disruptive ‘first to market' start-up businesses, who is based in Dorset, was quick to spot the business potential of not only a product range, but also spectacular one-off pieces which pushed the boundaries of craftmanship.

Robinson said: "With a cordless lamp, lighting may be placed precisely where the customer wants it, however in creating these I knew I had to combine the functional element with the best of British design and choice, therefore all products are designed and handmade in the UK and are CE marked.

"Our range has been designed by some of the UK's finest artists and product designers and can be used anywhere. All components come from UK suppliers known to us, with finishing and assembly undertaken by Alexander Joseph.

"The ceramic and glass bodies are hand-made by master craftsmen in small workshops. We offer bespoke lampshades but appreciate customers may wish to use an existing shade which is part of their established decor."

Lamp bodies are hand-blown glass and handmade ceramics. The Initial range has 54 designs, this will increase to 200 lamps during the next year. In addition to conventional lamp colours, some vibrant choices such as mustard and aubergine have been included within the range.

Blaze, the initial showstopper for the range, is reportedly the largest lamp body ever hand-blown in the UK. Created in cobalt blue and infused with 24ct gold, the piece took six months to perfect and 22 attempts to get the size and shape right.
Robinson continued: "The first 21 ended in the bin. The base, light fittings and lampshade ring have been painstakingly plated in 24ct gold. The lampshade is a handmade 18” drum shape, covered in a specially crafted fine gold silk. Assembled, Blaze will stand at over three quarters of a metre high and weighs over 12kg."

Having solved desirability and endurance via the design of its own battery cells and electronics, Mark has used the latest high-density lithium-Iion batteries, encased with the electronics in a sealed lamp base, plus a specially made vintage style LED bulbs. The lamps offer more than 52 hours of continuous use before recharging is required.

Additionally, one-off showcase art lamps will be made.

Priced from £1,300 to £2,500, one-off designs start from £16,000.

Blaze is a 24ct gold and blue lamp and is a one-off bespoke creation featuring sapphire blue glass impregnated with 24ct gold, costing £20,000.

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