Low Vπ phase modulators for high power lasers

29th February 2024
Kristian McCann

LASER COMPONENTS is excited to announce groundbreaking low Vπ LiNbO3 phase modulators from Exail, designed for high-power laser applications. Targeted at Coherent Beam Combining and Spectral Beam Combining applications.

These modulators have high stability over time, temperature, and vibration. Their power consumption is minimised as a result of ultra-low Vπ (up to 16GHz) and designed to handle up to 300mW optical input at 1060nm, they are ideally suited for the rigorous demands of high-power laser applications.

They are also available at O-band, C-band and 2um wavelengths.  Key features include very low insertion loss (<3dB), high optical power handling (up to 300mW) and stable performance over time and temperature. A Vπ of only 2V@ 50kHz reduces the RF drive requirements and power consumption.  Additionally, a DC coupling feature option reduces the Residual Amplitude Modulation effects for optimum performance.

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